Monday, March 24, 2008

Not Baad (The Yogurt, Not the Pun)

While visiting my friend Mara in London this past weekend, she gave me some sheep milk yogurt to try. I'm not sure what the brand name is (I think it literally said, "Sheep's-Milk Yogurt" on the container), but it retailed for 2.49 pounds for a pint size carton. If it didn't cost me $600 in airfare to get it, I would buy this yogurt all the time. It was super thick (as thick as Greek yogurt), rich, and creamy. I didn't add any sugar or jam, and I savored each spoonful. Delicious.

Back at home, I finally broke out the sheep milk yogurt I bought about two weeks ago. My friend Sara, who does not like yogurt, highly recommended that I indulge in Old Chatham Sheepherding Company Sheep's Milk Yogurt. At $2.49 for a six ounce carton, it is cheaper than flying to London, but only slightly. I purchased the plain flavor, but it also comes in Maple and Ginger.

Upon opening the lid, I noticed that the white yogurt was a little lumpy. I re-checked the expiration date. It said 041108, which I interpreted to mean April 11, 2008, so I stirred it up and dug in. Old Chatham is not nearly as thick as whatever I ate in London, and it is about 1,000 times tangier. I couldn't help but pucker.

I was worried that the yogurt had soured, so I called the company. I explained to the woman who answered that I had never really eaten sheep milk yogurt before, and I was curious if it was supposed to be sour or if I waited too long before eating it. She explained that it is a tangy yogurt that is an acquired taste, and verified that what I thought was the expiration date was, in fact, the expiration date. She also laughed and told me that she has worked at the company for six years, but only recently started eating the Maple yogurt. "Try that one," she advised me.

Once I was sure I would not get food poisoning from the yogurt, I began to really enjoy it. It's a very yogurt-y yogurt, and has a fabulous undertaste to it that I've never experienced before and can't really describe. Maybe like lemon? I don't know, but it is good. For $2.49, I probably will only eat this yogurt for a special treat, and I can't wait for the right occasion.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Greek Gods Plain Nonfat Yogurt

If you are going to name a yogurt after Poseidon, as The Greek Gods brand did for their nonfat plain yogurt, it better be really good. The last thing you want is a tidal wave or band of angry crabs unleashed upon your yogurt factory. Fortunately, I can attest to the excellence of Greek Gods nonfat plain yogurt.

The yogurt is appropriately think and smooth. It has some of the sourness of plain yogurt, but not too much. I could have eaten it plain, but chose to increase my calorie intake by adding teaspoon of jam to it. I thoroughly enjoyed every spoonful of the 6 oz. cup. The yogurt cost me $1.59 at Whole Foods, so it was not cheap, but significantly less expensive per ounce than siggi's, and also cheaper than Fage.

There are other yogurts that give you more slightly calcium, but I thought that 25% of the RDA is a very good amount. At only 60 calories and no fat, this is a great yogurt choice, especially for those looking for a thick and only moderately sour way to get some calcium. I think I might like Fage a bit more, but for the price, Greek Gods does very well. Poseidon should be proud.